wxBase3-devel - Development files for the wxBase3 library

License: wxWidgets
This package include files needed to link with the wxBase3 library.
wxWidgets is the GTK port of the C++ cross-platform wxWidgets
GUI library, offering classes for all common GUI controls as well as a
comprehensive set of helper classes for most common application tasks,
ranging from networking to HTML display and image manipulation.


wxBase3-devel-3.0.4-3.el7_5.awel.1.x86_64 [1.3 MiB] Changelog by Alice Wonder (2018-06-29):
- Change install prefix for gcc55 build to /opt/gcc55
- merge gcc48 build (with /usr prefix) into this spec file
- return /etc/alternatives but only for gcc48 build
- return xmldocs but for only gcc48 build
- only package html docs for gcc48 build

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