vlc-plugins-codecs-nonfree - Codecs that may not be royalty free

Website: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
License: GPLv2/LGPLv2+
This package contains audio and video codecs that are known to have applicable
patent restrictions is some legal jurisdictions.

Patent laws and the implications of patent laws vary from country to country.
I can not advice on what the potential issues are for people in my own country
let alone in other countries.

Generally speaking it is perfectly legal for the end user to use software that
has unlicensed patented technology. When there is an issue, it is a civil
matter between the distributor of the software and the patent owners.

This package contains some codecs that are very popular, such as H.264/AVC.

You should install this package.


vlc-plugins-codecs-nonfree-2.2.8-1.el7_5.awel.9.x86_64 [61 KiB] Changelog by Alice Wonder (2018-06-23):
- Rebuild for CentOS 7.5

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